Following our Ideation Presentation, we're thrilled to announce that our game concept has taken shape, and we're gearing up for full scale development. Alongside this exciting milestone, we've also settled on a title that encapsulates the essence of our project: Realm Rift. Drawing upon my experience in Graphic Design, I had the pleasure of designing the title for our game.

The title is designed on Adobe Illustrator and the background is generated from Adobe Firefly.

The title is designed on Adobe Illustrator and the background is generated from Adobe Firefly*. The font used is **Vermin Vibes regular.*

A special shoutout goes to Molly and Lakshya for their outstanding presentation skills during our ideation session.

Now, let's delve into the heart of our game:

Game Concept

Realm Rift delves into the timeless conflict between light and dark, good and evil. Players are thrust into a world where they must choose allegiance to either the radiant Light Realm or the ominous Dark Realm. The objective is to silence the opposing realm to ensure the survival of their own. To achieve this, players must breach the dimensional barrier, infiltrate enemy realm.

Goals and Win Conditions

Light Realm (LR) Team:

  • Goal: Infiltrate the Dark Realm (DR) to secure vital machine parts essential for fixing their machines.

  • Win Condition: Fix the machines before time runs out.

Dark Realm (DR) Team:

  • Goal: Safeguard machine parts and thwart LR incursions into the DR.

  • Win Condition: Eliminate all LR players or prevent them from repairing the machines until time expires.

Multiplayer Mechanics

Game Mechanics:

In Realm Rift, players will navigate a dynamic multiplayer environment with a range of interactive mechanics:

  • Realm Switching: Players can seamlessly transition between the Light and Dark Realms, albeit with limitations to maintain game balance.

  • Weaponry: Each realm offers distinct weapons and tools, with different functionalities and damage multipliers. From traditional firearms to arcane relics, players will strategize their loadouts to suit their playstyle and team objectives.

  • Objectives: Beyond traditional combat, players must engage in strategic gameplay by collecting crucial items scattered across the map and repairing machines vital to their realm's survival.

  • Respawn: Upon elimination, players have a brief window for revival or respawning, fostering teamwork and strategic decision-making.

Player Progression:

Realm Rift offers a comprehensive progression system to enhance player engagement and longevity:

  • Ranking: As players accumulate experience and achievements, they will ascend through a ranking system, unlocking rewards.

  • Matchmaking: A sophisticated matchmaking algorithm ensures balanced and competitive gameplay experiences for all participants.

  • Loadouts and Armor: Customisable loadouts and armour configurations allow players to tailor their playstyle and adapt to evolving battlefield scenarios.

Character Attributes

Light Realm:

Players aligned with the Light Realm possess distinct attributes and abilities tailored to their celestial allegiance:

  • Enhanced Survivability: Light Realm characters boast increased health points and resilience, allowing them to endure prolonged engagements and withstand enemy assaults.

  • Lower Damage Output: While formidable in defense, Light Realm characters exhibit reduced offensive capabilities, necessitating strategic cooperation and tactical positioning to overcome adversaries.

  • Objective Focus: Light Realm players excel in retrieving vital items from the Dark Realm and repairing machines crucial for sustaining their realm's infrastructure.

Dark Realm:

Embracing the shadows, Dark Realm characters harness their malevolent prowess to dominate the battlefield:

  • Potent Offense: Dark Realm characters wield formidable offensive capabilities, boasting heightened damage output to swiftly dispatch adversaries and secure strategic objectives.

  • Reduced Survivability: However, this offensive potency comes at the cost of diminished resilience, rendering Dark Realm players vulnerable to sustained enemy assaults and necessitating calculated aggression and hit-and-run tactics.

  • Defensive Mandate: Dark Realm players are entrusted with safeguarding critical assets within their realm, thwarting incursions from rival factions and preserving the sanctity of their territory.

As players immerse themselves in the conflict between light and dark, they will navigate a delicate balance of strengths and weaknesses, capitalizing on their realm's unique attributes to achieve victory in the ultimate struggle for supremacy.

Game balance is essential in Realm Rift, and adjustments to the ratio of Dark Realm (DR) and Light Realm (LR) players will be made based on playtesting feedback to ensure fairness. The game economy is driven by rewards in gold and silver coins, incentivising player engagement and skill progression. Additionally, our audio design features distinct themes for LR and DR, enhancing immersion and enriching gameplay experiences.

Progress Updates:

We've made significant progress in Realm Rift's development. Here are the latest updates:

1. Light Realm Map: Exciting news! We now have a fully designed map for the Light Realm, adding depth and immersion to our game environment.

For more details on Map please click here

2. Player Nicknames: In response to player feedback, we've introduced the option for players to choose their own nicknames in-game. This feature not only personalises the gaming experience but also helps everyone recognise each other more easily.

3. Realm Assignment: To ensure balanced gameplay, players are now automatically assigned to either the "Light" or "Dark" realm based on room occupancy. This dynamic allocation ensures fairness and can be adjusted in the future to maintain equilibrium between the two factions.

For more details on Realm Assignment please click here

4. Machine Part Collection: We've implemented a new feature where players in the Light Realm can collect machine parts, visible to all players in the Photon Network. This enhancement enhances collaboration and strategy as players work together to gather essential resources for their realm's advancement.

These updates represent significant progress in shaping the immersive world of Realm Rift, bringing us closer to delivering an unforgettable gaming experience.

5. Updates in our Kanban Board

6. Timeline using Gantt Chart


A heartfelt thank you to my teammates Molly, Lakshya, Wong and Shelly.
Your contributions have been invaluable, and I'm grateful to have such an amazing team by my side.

That's all for now, thank you for taking the time to read. Stay tuned for further updates!

Shashank Kumar Sukumar Singh